D3, part of the Rocket MultiValue Application Development Platform, is the choice of more than a thousand application developers world-wide, serving top industries including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, government, retail, and other vertical markets. Boasting both stability and security, the D3 data server engine offers superior performance, high availability, and low administrative overhead.

Ease of Use and ROI Drive Loyalty

D3 provides software developers with all the necessary tools to quickly adapt to changes and build critical business applications in a fraction of the time as compared to other databases; without compromising data integrity and with low administration costs. For creating real-world applications, D3 manages information in a way that has proven vastly superior to other database schemas.

Performance Your Application Can Harness

D3 delivers high performance via efficient file management that requires minimal system and memory resources. Based on a true 64-bit architecture, D3 applications provide high performance at both the hardware and application level. The 64-bit version of D3 provides larger addressing space per process, larger core memory and overall enhanced application performance.

Security at Multiple Levels

By enhancing security, a continuous goal at Rocket, D3 boasts modern features such as SSL support, which makes D3 application data in transit more secure.

  • At the application level, for data at rest, D3 provides both file level and field level encryption, making the data secure at any level.
  • D3 also supports IPv6, so our customers and partners apps benefit from a more secure internet protocol that runs end-to-end encryption, making man in the middle attacks significantly more difficult. Plus, IPv6 supports more secure name resolution, delivering an improved level of trust.
  • By harnessing local authentication and LDAP, weve added single sign on which not only improves user experience, but also allows users to move between systems securely without typing their credentials each time.
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