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  • International Spectrum Conference - Phoenix 2016
    The MultiValue Database Developers and User Conference 2016 - Litchfield Park, AZ - April 11th-14th

    Rocket launch the U2 Python Community Page
    Rocket Software launch the U2 Python community page to help consolidate resource to learn how to write Python code for UniData/UniVerse databases.

    MultiValue UserGroup Meetings
    SAPUG - Seattle Area Pick User Group - Date: TBD | TEXMUG - Texas MultiValue User Group - Date: TBD | CMUG - Colorado MultiValue Users Group - Date: TBD | SoCalRUG - Southern Calif Revelation UserGroup - Date: TBD | MPISFL - South Florida Pick Users Group - Date: TBD

    ONgroup Delivers FREE Production-capable MultiValue with MVON Express
    ONgroup Intl now delivers their flagship MVON product with SQL Server Express.

    Tech Tip!
    Suppose your data has a series of attributes that correspond to lines on an order, or lines on a call log, or maybe lines on a time sheet. You want to display the line number beside the other data.

    MultiValue Jobs Available
    Director of Information Technology Portland Oregon | Development Programmer/Analyst - Irvine, CA

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