Tampa 2020 - 20th to 23rd April, 2020

SaddleBrook Resort


Change, Adapt, Evolve!

In order to confront the rapidly-evolving world around us, business and software need to have a system in place to adapt to the ever evolving industries.

This year's International Spectrum Conference is focused on providing solutions to adapt to the ever changing and evolving business. Much like live, business software is always changing and growing, and users and developer must keep up with these changes.

The MultiValue database and software framework powers all sizes business, from Fortune 500 to the corner store down the block. The International Spectrum Conference focus on the power and flexible MultiValue brings to your business.

This year's conference is loaded with information about new options, technologies, and products that allow you to extend the value of your existing software and business systems.

The Full Conference include 3 1/2 days of Conference sessions, Welcome Reception, Closing Conference party, and Vender and Partner Exchange where you can see all the new products to help you adapt and evolve.

Schedule Summary

Monday, 20th April
Tuesday, 21st April
Wednesday, 22nd April
Thursday, 23rd April