Alphabet Soup - Understanding the new IT terms, buzz words, and acronyms

Understanding the new IT terms, buzz words, and acronyms can be a full time job sometimes, not to mention translating them into something that you can explain to management.

Terms seem to come and go every 6 months or so. Some are new technologies, but other are just rename existing technologies to make them seem fresh.

Join Nathan to review the current Alphabet Soup and participate in this open discussion on how these terms affect you and how to explain them.

Nathan Rector

Nathan Rector, President of International Spectrum, has been in the MultiValue marketplace as a consultant, author, and presenter since 1992. As a consultant, Nathan specialized in integrating MultiValue applications with other devices and non-MultiValue data, structures, and applications into existing MultiValue databases. During that time, Nathan worked with PDA, Mobile Device, Handheld scanners, POS, and other manufacturing and distribution interfaces.

In 2006, Nathan purchased International Spectrum Magazine and Conference and has been working with the MultiValue Community to expand its reach into current technologies and markets. During this time he has been providing mentorship training to people converting Console Applications (Green Screen/Text Driven) to GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), Mobile, and Web. He has also been working with new developers to the MultiValue Marketplace to train them in how MultiValue works and acts, as well as how it differs from the traditional Relational Database Model (SQL).

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