Modernizing in real-time with MVON#: How can Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, C# and VS Code Extend your App Development?

MVON# offers a host of modern tools and language extensions which can be utilized without sacrificing your existing application. Learn how C#, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript can integrate directly with your MultiValue BASIC, how to speed up your application development and analysis with VS Code, and how to profile your application to enhance performance and identify bottlenecks.

Our mission at ONgroup is to help companies thrive by increasing value. This includes increasing the value of software applications, professionals, and the organization.

ONgroup is a software and services company that is helping organizations Worldwide to integrate MultiValue technology with top tier DBMS products and technologies from Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and others. ONgroup accomplishes its mission by means of software tools, outstanding MultiValue and SQL-savvy DBMS professionals and relationships with industry leaders, including Microsoft and Oracle. ONgroup began providing such software and service as Blacksmith Corporation in 1980.

ONgroup offers three software lines, MVON, MVON# and BLACKSMITH.

ONgroup has assisted hundreds of organizations equipping their applications with the ability to employ industry-standard and ubiquitous IT such as SQL Server and Oracle. These include large organizations, such as Citigroup, Tulane University, Orange County Transit Authority, Suffolk County, and AK Steel. Independent Software Vendors include Health Management Systems (Oracle) in the US and Promadis (SQL Server) in Australia.

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