Jan/Feb 2011

Clear Message Initiative

In the early days of Data Processing, the only way you had of telling the operator what kind of error had occurred was to put an error number into a particular register and halt the machine. That error code would then be displayed on the front panel lights. The development of interactive systems brought alphanumeric displays and error codes followed by a terse description. But even in the user-friendly world of MultiValue, many programmers have not gotten beyond [3] Verb?

E-Commerce Made E-Z

Selling goods on the Internet can be a valuable extension to a business or a complete business in and of itself. Getting orders and shipping product is important. But it doesn’t do much good unless you get paid. One way of doing that is by using the PayPal API.

Business Tech: Money

Money may or may not make the world go around, but it certainly is a pretty good lubricant. When the supply of it starts to dwindle, such as during a tough economy, the wheels of business start to squeak. Although a company’s IT department usually cannot directly generate more money to help oil the gears, it can do something almost as good – generate information about money. Where does it come from, where does it go, and how can we do more with less of it?

MultiValue and QuickBooks — Part 1: Importing With IIF Files

Speaking of money, one function that is a part of every business is keeping track of it. Many MultiValue accounting packages are getting a bit long in the tooth and lack the GUI interface modern users demand, a direct interface to the bank for ease of use, or other features that are considered to be mandatory by anyone who has used a modern accounting application. One approach some companies are taking is to replace it with an off-the-shelf commodity accounting package and sharing data between it and the MultiValue system running the core business functions.

Sending E-mail From Your MultiValue Programs – Part 1

Many legacy MultiValue applications were written long before the invention of e-mail and the Internet. In that e-mail is now an integral part of everyday business, it is surprising how many of these systems have never been updated to use it in even its simplest form. Part one of this series of articles will show you how to get started in rectifying that situation.