Jan/Feb 2013

Business Tech: Degree and Kind

In our Information Management industry, we are used to change. With our MultiValue databases and tools, we sometimes even revel in change since it is another opportunity to show how quickly we can do things. But in our praise of change and rush to coding, we sometimes forget to think about the change, even startingwith analyzing its basic nature.

Locking . Part 3: Modern Locking

The first two articles of this series examined the issues of locking as it applies to database integrity, information correctness, and the traditional manner in which most of our MultiValue applications implement locking. This final article now moves on to explore the locking requirements of modern web applications, web services, and other forms of SOA.

The (MultiValue) Dating Game

We all know how easy it is to work with dates in MultiValue databases and programs. This article takes it several steps further than the simple “end date minus start date” calculations and also provides code example that may find a niche in your utility BP library.