Jan/Feb 2017

Business Tech: AI and DSS - Part 1

Logic is supposed to be a computer's forte but only certain kinds of logic. Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems are two approaches to expanding what a computer can evaluate. This is the beginning of a medium-deep dive on those topics.

Augmented Reality in Business

Many technological advancements have created new ways of doing business. Some are obvious, like the impact of the spreadsheet or the word processor. With Augmented Reality (AR), the business case is less clear. This article will talk about how Augmented Reality will be used in business and some of what sort of software changes you can expect.

Email from U2 Hold Files as PDFs

Printing is only one way to share reports. Felix provides code for re-inventing hold files as PDFs and as email.

OpenQM Magic!

Traditionally, programmers who wanted to use an object-oriented approach had to step outside of mvBASIC. OpenQM, however, offers objects within their implementation. Graeme McGillivray has been exploring the power of this union of programming methodologies and he’s shared his findings with us.