Jul/Aug 2012

JSON: Born for MultiValue

Very few MultiValue systems live in isolation anymore, especially not the large ones. We are frequently being asked to exchange information with other systems. Many of us have had the “pleasure” of working with XML. While it certainly gets the job done, a new, lightweight data representation scheme is quickly gaining popularity.

Linux Shared Memory and Your MultiValue Database

There are a number of different ways for programs to pass data to each other. One of the most common in the MultiValue world is using disk. (Remember the old “port” files?) Sometimes, however, this can still be a bottleneck. You might want to consider putting that data into shared memory.

Interview with Kelly Bleck of Precision Solutions

New blood! Yes, folks. There is new talent coming into the MultiValue market. Whenever we are introduced to someone who has just recently joined our community, we like to have a talk with them — find out their first impressions, their thoughts on what could be improved, and what they like and don’t like about our tools. Additionally, we like to hear what they think we need to do to thrive in our changing marketplace.

The Rock and the Hard Place: Parallel and Agile Development Part 3: Must We Choose?

This last installment in this series on parallel and agile development methodologies explores some of the well-known Agile schools of thought and offers some suggestions for how to choose — or combine — the ones that are right for you.

OpenInsight and QM – Such a Deal

As of OpenInsight release 9.3.1, there is a connector that will allow developers or users to use OpenInsight’s tools, such as the GUI desktop, Banded Report Writer, or OpenInsight for the Web (O4W) with their QM database.

Why Programmers Should Plan

Planning. It's not just for managers. Planning is an important part of a programmer's career, also.