Jul/Aug 2014

Experts - Data Mining

There are many IT topics that work inside and outside the MultiValue Databases. One topic that has been around in various forms is Data Mining. In this issue we interviewed an expert in social media data mining, and how it is used, along with their impression of MultiValue technologies. Along with our outside expert, we queried our MultiValue Marketplace and asked how they are using the technology.

Responsive Web Design

Like with any new buzzword, I’m sure your boss comes to you and says, “Our site needs to be responsive… We are losing business — make it happen!” Response Web Design is all about coding once and allowing the browser display version of the web page based on what the user is doing or using. Neer will talk about what Responsive Web Design really is and how it will affect your enterprise website.

UniVerse and UniData Hashed Files: Part 1

The MultiValue Database and its descendants are noted for their flexibility in handling of data. This is a radical departure from traditional, fixed-length data records found in other SQL databases, and provides a very attractive environment for business applications. This flexible structure places demands on the underlying data storage mechanisms. To meet these demands, MultiValue databases use a hashed file structure. This series of articles will examine in depth the specifics of hashed files as implemented in the UniVerse and UniData environments.

Business Tech: Identity

As technologists, identifying people uniquely, whether customers, vendors, or employees, is a core component of many of our tasks. As people, our identities are at risk.