Jul/Aug 2018

GOTO Hell - Part 1

There are families who can't discuss religion at the dinner table. There are some that can't discuss politics together. MultiValue is a family that can't seem to discuss GOTO without descending into madness. Despite that, a GOTO adherent has offered to guide us through their reasons... and their regrets.

Business Tech - Talking the Talk

Writing for Spectrum has taught me a great deal about effective communication. Whether you are hunting for a job or already set with employment, your command of words is likely to be your most crucial non-technical skill.

MV Your Way - PHP Edition

The little-used FUNCTION command in mvBASIC is our ticket to easing new developers into our systems. Just like a picture of your family on your office desk makes the place a bit more yours, letting them bring some of their commands with them can help your new employees feel at home.

Using OWIN Security with MultiValue Data - Part 4: Two-Factor Login

Two-Factor Authentication is starting to become a requirement in many industries. While you can implement a from-scratch workflow yourself, it can be a little cumbersome. The OWIN framework provided in ASP.NET does much of the work for you. This article explains how to implement Two-Factor Authentication in Multivalue using OWIN identity information we have implemented in previous articles.