Mar/Apr 2014

Business Tech: Snowmagedon

The same data can have many different meanings to different people, depending on their business focus and outlook. Take the weather forecast for example. Predictions of heavy snow will give ski resort operators elation and big smiles. The reactions of insurance agents, on the other hand, will be somewhat different. But first, somebody has to figure out how to obtain and present the data to the target audience to use in their projections. (That's you.)

Big Data

Everybody is talking about Big Data. But a lot of people have trouble defining exactly what that means. Are we talking about “tons and tons” of data? (Volume) Are we talking about terabytes of data that is changing every few minutes? (Velocity) do we capture it in a traditional data warehouse or some other structure? And what tools are available to process this stuff? Here is an overview of some of the problems that big data presents and a couple of tools that have been developed to deal with them.

User Experience and User Interfaces are not the same!

We have been hearing for years that we need to modernize our user interface by getting rid of the green screens and using GUIs. That might have worked a few years ago, but the world has changed – again. Users are no longer satisfied with the "putting lipstick on a pig" approach. Their experiences with their own personal computers, tablets, phones, etc. have caused them to raise the bar. They now demand a completely new User Experience.