Sep/Oct 2015

Code Review

Code review is a hot-button topic for many programmers. You probably already know the arguments against. Susan Joslyn takes up the cause. Let her inspire you to make it part of your project lifecycle.

Perspective Shift: Thinking in APIs

Building Monolithic programs makes sense in a stateful, telnet-based world. The web is a more API-centric place. Kevin invites us to join him in some creative perspective shifting.

OpenInsight Data Encryption at REST

RESTful encryption is a key part of modern application security. Get some insight into how Revelation makes it work for your programs.

Business Tech: Why I Hate Technology

Ever been blamed by a person in your company for the hardware and software decisions that happened before you got there? Been rewarded with a smile because they got a new computer or monitor, even if you had nothing to do with it? This article is about that.

Clif Notes: New Blood Part 4

If green-screens look out-of-date to your boss, people who spend their day on green-screens might start looking out-of-date, too. Learning new tools doesn’t just make your more productive, it makes you look more productive.