Sep/Oct 2016

When You Hire

Managers have a lot of responsibilities. It is easy to push off hiring onto the second tier. Bennett Barouch disagrees. He wants to impress upon us the importance of adding new people to your team - the right way.

Business Tech: Finding an Exit

Bennett is covering hiring, so Business Tech is focused on the other side of the equation: the exit. Are your systems and procedures prepared to do things right? Remember, firing isn't the only way that people leave. You need to cover all the methods. If your company has employees, as most companies do, then join us in finding an Exit.

Interview with Paul Giobbi, President, Zumasys Inc.

Zumasys became a database vendor when they acquired jBASE. They are also the worldwide distributor for OpenQM. They work with Rocket Software as a VAR. Here's a chance to hear what Paul Giobbi thinks is next for MultiValue.

Building a Modern Line-Of-Business Application: Part 5 - Business API

This is part five in a series which explores what it takes to build a Line-Of-Business application from scratch using the tools and features found in modern software technologies. In this article we begin to connect the parts we discussed in the previous articles.