Jan/Feb 2012

The Rock and the Hard Place: Parallel and Agile Development — Part 1: Parallel Development

In our fast-paced, modern, development environments, the old data processing methodologies are disappearing. Large, up-front design and development techniques can no longer meet the delivery requirements of today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing, user demands and competitive pressures. Like it or not, MultiValue shops need to embrace the concepts of both parallel and agile development.

Business Tech: Prediction 2012

2011 was an interesting year. We saw technical innovation, new services, and a number of changes in the overall landscape. So what will 2012 bring? Nobody can know the future, but here are the best guesses of one of our contributing authors.

jQuery Mobile: Making Mobile with Minimal Misery

The greenscreen went the way of the dodo bird. Desktop GUIs may be sufficient for in-house employees, but they do not provide ready access for your customers. A well-designed customer-facing website is an absolute requirement in today’s business environment (at least according to your customers). But now, even that is considered insufficient. Customers demand access by mobile devices. Perhaps this new tool can help ease your pain.

U2 Replication: An Overview of our Scalable and Robust High Availability Solution

With the introduction of U2 Replication and complimenting features, UniVerse v11.1 now offers a scalable, robust, feature-rich environment for a 24x7x365 operation for any size of business, with the addition of real-time interoperability with other databases.

Rolling Your Own Multivalue Web Connector . Part 1

In case you have been asleep the last few years, let us fill you in on some important news. The Web has taken over. In order to meet your customers' demands and stay competitive, the data in your MultiValuebased applications must be accessible by Web technologies. While there are a number of fine products in the MultiValue world to allow you to do this, if you are willing to get your hands dirty with a little bit of programming, you can accomplish a lot of this with tools readily available to you as open source.

Finding the Value of Training

Training is an investment. Find out how to get the most value from the money you spend.