Jan/Feb 2015

Business Tech: The Tug-O-War Between T.I.E.D. and T.I.M.

T.I.M and T.I.E.D. Wait for no man. Charles Barouch talks about the emotional side of technology.

Calgon, Chaos, and Consultants

Rent or Buy? When is a consultant better than an employee? When is expensive cheaper than cheap? Read this article before Timmy sets the dog on fire.

What Does the Zumasys Purchase of jBASE Mean to You?

What did Zumasys buy from Temenos, and what does it mean to the MultiValue Market? Spectrum Interviews Paul Giobbi, President of Zumasys, to discuss what Zumasys's plans are for jBase including future development and how it will work with their other products and support services.

Clif Notes: New Blood — Part 1

So we need new, younger, dedicated developers in the MultiValue Industry? Agreed. Now, how do we get them? Organizations like International Spectrum serve a role. Read what Clif Oliver's opinions are on the subject and his suggestions on how we work with new developers to introduce them to MultiValue Database application development.