Jan/Feb 2019

Business Tech: A Seat at the Table - Part 1

IT's role in the workplace is changing. It has gone from a cabal of high priests in clean rooms. to a punchline in sitcoms. That wild swing of the pendulum is finally settling down, leaving us in the middle, the place where we are employees, just like the other employees.

Migrating the Northwinds SQL Database to a MultiValue Database: Part II

MultiValue Databases were designed specifically to store and handle business data. RDBMS databases were never really designed for high volume. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) requires high performance. Throwing hardware at poor systems is never as good as throwing hardware at top-notch systems. This article will focus on using SQL vs. MultiValued storage format using the Northwinds Sample database as an example.

The Language of MultiValue

The Language of MultiValue When we talk about integration and languages, we sometimes forget that these aren't just computer terms, they are also human terms. When we integrate our human language with mainstream terms, we lift our technology into a more visible, and acceptable, position.

How to Justify Your Attendance At International Spectrum 2019

Want to attend this year's International Spectrum conference, but aren't sure how to get approval from your manager? Check out these tips for making your business case, including the all important ROI.