Jul/Aug 2009

Future-Ready Your Legacy ERP System

Your greenscreen, green-bar legacy system may be doing everything necessary better, faster, and at a lower cost. But frequently new management or owners, employees, and potential buyers do judge a book by its cover. It’s time to bring your application into the 21st Century.

Business Tech: Becoming a Software Vendor — Part 4

There is a difference between writing software for in-house use and writing software as a product. Explore and compare the two mind-sets.

Transferring Binary Files to a Browser with D3, FlashCONECT, and Apache

When you need to send binary data to a web browser, you can write the data to a temporary file and link to it. This article explores a technique to do the transfer directly.

IDEs and Editors: mvDeveloper PE

This new series for the MultiValue developers in the group focuses on Integrated Development Environments and source code editors. First up is mvDeveloper PE.

D3 Reporting with Microsoft Excel

It is always discouraging when the users want newer report styles and management’s approach is to replace the MultiValue system with a more expensive and less capable “solution.” But often the goals can be accomplished with an understanding of the reporting tool and a little bit of middle-coding, as this example using a D3 subroutine and Excel demonstrates.

MultiValue Mashup Mashups

Mashups combine elements from different web sites to provide useful combined views of information. Again emphasizing that MultiValue can do anything the other systems can do, here is an example of the techniques using Revelation Software’s OpenInsight.

My Journey Inside of PDF Files: Converting Text Print Files to PDF Files – Part 1

Most MultiValue platforms have a way to redirect printer output to a plain text file. Many organizations, however, have standardized on PDF as the preferred format for reports to be exchanged by e-mail or FTP. Learn how to convert those existing text reports to PDF files.