Jul/Aug 2010

Business Tech: Print Media — Part 1

When we hear the term “Print Media,” most of us think of newspapers, books, and magazines. But digital media news, articles, and books is simply a different delivery mechanism that has much the same business requirements as its “dead tree” (paper) counterpart.

OpenXML Part 3: The OpenXML 2.0 SDK

Having learned the basics of Microsoft OpenXML Word documents and Excel spreadsheets in parts one and two, part three of this series explores the OpenXML SDK and advanced techniques for building this type of content.

Multivalue Applications and Web 2.0: Providing a Desktop-Like User Experience

Continuing to use green screen user interfaces can be a major cause of user, and hence company, rejection and replacement of a MultiValue application. Over the last few years, the web and the browser have gotten much closer to the interface demanded by forward-looking companies. This article reviews the current state of browswer-based interfaces and how OpenInsight’s O4W web development environment encapsulates open-source solutions to the GUI requirements.

Installing and Using UniVerse ODBC: A Quickstart

A number of users have reported frustration (or failure) in installing and using UniVerse’s ODBC. This might be due to confusing conflicts in terminology or the lack of actual examples. This article strives to provide a clarification of terminology and an end-to-end example in an attempt to provide that “ah-hah!” moment.