Jul/Aug 2011

Extending Your MultiValue ERP with Web Services: Thinking Outside the Box

Most companies have ERP needs that are unique to their particular business. When a “standard” ERP package does not fit well with accepted industry practices or company business processes, you seem to have two choices — customize and enhance the software or change the way that you do business to match the package. The first can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The second can force you into doing things in a way that actually complicates your workflow and raises expenses. It may even hurt your competitive advantages. Find out how this company stepped “outside the box” and solved one of their ERP needs with inexpensive equipment, internal developers, and open source software.

Creating Breakthrough MultiValue Applications

Breakthrough applications are solutions that dominate markets, destroying the competition by providing unique functionality. Of course, creating these breakthrough applications may require additional skills and technologies. With the MultiValue developer in mind, this article explores the characteristics and requirements to produce a breakthrough application.

The Trial of Telnet

For almost 30 years, Telnet has been the primary way that users log into and access their MultiValue applications and data. It has been a good workhorse, but as with most tools, there comes a time when what has worked well for many years no longer meets the modern requirements of security and reliability. Is it time to retire telnet? If so, where do we go from here?

Business Tech: Managing Creative Talent

When we hear the word “creative,” we tend to think of musicians, authors, visual artists, and the like. Although many members of the Information Technology community consider themselves to be, and may actually have degrees in, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Networks, we have more in common in our work needs and habits with the artists than is first apparent. Managers of these group of people are advised to understand and remember this.

Sending E-mail from Your MultiValue Programs — Part 4: Using MS Exchange and Sockets

Continuing the discussion of interfacing MultiValue programs with e-mail, this part of the series of articles discusses talking directly to an SMTP server by using sockets. Although the actual details of opening, writing to, and reading from a socket differ from platform to platform, when you have made connection, the SMTP dialogue is remarkably straightforward.