Jul/Aug 2019

Your Next MultiValue Editor

MultiValue sometimes lags behind newer programming languages when it came to editing options. We're a resourceful bunch, so periodically, someone steps up and helps us use the latest and greatest. VSC (Visual Studio Code) has pulled to the front of the pack of modern, extensible IDE (Integrated Development Environments). We now have a way to leverage it in our daily work.

Business Tech: A Seat at the Table: Communication

Communication When I was little, I asked my mom if one hundred dollars was a lot of money. She responded with: Do you have it or do you need it. Context is critical. When we communicate with the other departments in our company, that communication becomes the context that helps them judge us. Let's improve our status but understanding how we contribute to our own reputation by managing, or failing to manage, our context.

Taking Control: The Argument for Consulting

Some of us have a side gig consulting. Some never even dip our toes into paid-by-the-project or paid-by-the-hour work. And, a number of us have gone all-in, where consulting is our entire income. Here's the twenty-five year view of one programmer who went all-in.

Op Ed: Pick (MV) is Dead - Long Live Pick

Technology, especially business-oriented technology, doesn't live in a vacuum. Our wins, and or losses, in IT come from wacting and reacting to changes in company needs. They come from understanding what's next and what's a passing fancy. As low-code and no-code solutions continue to gain traction, we need to see to look to the future.