Mar/Apr 2008

Reality Triggers

Find out how to use file triggers in Northgate's Reality product and learn what some of the differences are between triggers in Reality vs. UniVerse.

IBM ADO.NET Provider: What's in it for U2?

The standard method of data access for the .NET platform is ADO.NET. Now, the IBM ADO.NET includes support for IBM's UniVerse and UniData.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools: Sierra Bravo

Next in this series, we talked with the folks at Sierra Bravo about two of their products - Bravo Reports and Bravo Dashboard.

IT Planning: Why Programmers Should Plan

Planning. It's not just for managers. Planning is an important part of a programmer's career, also.

MultiValue Participation in Business Intelligence

Learn about some key considerations for a successful Business Intelligence project and a few tools that can help your implementation.

Using UniVerse Indexes: Part 2

This second part in this series about using indexes on the IBM UniVerse platform discusses how indexes are implemented, how to get information about the distribution of keys, and avoiding a common trap.

Swapping your OI System's Database to U2

OpenInsight can now use IBM's UniVerse and UniData as the back end database. But how do you set that up, and when would you want to?

Encrypting Files With GPG: The Basics You Should Know

GPG is a well-known and widely accepted public-key encryption program with a number of options. This article brings you up to speed in using GPG to encrypt and decrypt files.