Mar/Apr 2010

Introducing OpenXML

With Word 2007, Microsoft introduced a new document format based on XML, thus opening the ability to work directly with the document structures. This first article introduces OpenXML and shows how to explore this new format.

Business Tech: Marketing – Part 2

With many different ways of getting your message out to the world — print ads, banner ads, e-mail campaigns, coupons — how do you know which methods are effective at generating sales? Explore the various techniques for gathering and analyzing marketing metrics.

Spotlight on jBASE

Twenty-one years of development and innovation have gone into Release 5 of jBASE. Explore what this robust MultiValue platform has to offer.

Blended Applications

Gone are the days when the MultiValue system was the only system and database in the company. Even small companies combine MultiValue with other data products like Excel or Access. See how some companies are routinely combing MultiValue with .NET and SQL-based technologies.

The Model of a Modern MultiValue Environment

Over the years, MultiValue systems have demonstrated their ability to run sophisticated business applications with lower cost of development and modifications. But information technology continues to advance, and so must MultiValue. So what should the ideal modern MultiValue environment be able to do?

Applying the Object-Oriented Programming Technique of Encapsulation to MultiValue Code – Part 2

In a continuation from the last issue, you will learn and see examples of how commuter modules and variable named common areas can provide encapsulation.