Mar/Apr 2013

Automated Testing Part 1

Testing. Everybody claims to do it, but few do it well. Throwing random input at a program to see what happens is not true testing. As for “regression testing”? Testing everything that has been tested before to PROVE the new changes haven’t broken something? The mind boggles. The first part of this series starts to explore how the “main stream” (non-MultiValue) developers do it, and why MultiValue will always be considered archaic if we don’t get on board.

Show Me The Money!

The conversion codes are a powerful and often under appreciated feature of the MultiValue platforms. If you have spent the last ten (20, 30, or 40) years only using MD and MR to add a decimal point before the cents in currency amounts, you have probably been writing too many lines of code. Explore the full power of this particular conversion code.

BlueFinity’s mv.NET – Current and Future

In this article, David Cooper of BlueFinity International discusses BlueFinity’s strategy to integrate MultiValue data with modern Microsoft platforms and technologies using mv.NET Solution Objects.

Business Tech: Negotiation

Every day, without even realizing it, we engage in multiple negotiations, whether it is between a manager and a vendor, a developer and their boss, or even between two coworkers. Unfortunately too often these “negotiations” start off as an argument for each side trying to browbeat the other into submission. This article explores a few of the ways to avoid confrontational issues and turn these conversations into true negotiations looking for a common good.

Revelation: Building A Mobile Application With O4W – Part 1

O4W has been extended to allow you to develop mobile applications using jQuery Mobile behind the scenes. This two part series will explore how you can make a mobile web app with O4W.

jBASE: MultiValue without Boundaries

In this interview, Dan Ell of jBASE Support - a 32 veteran of the MultiValue industry and one of the original jBASE Value Added Resellers - tells how nearly 25 years of jBASE's pioneering development has led to the evolution of the product.