Mar/Apr 2015

Are you a Technology Bigot?

When all you have is a hammer... Are we selecting technology for projects based upon what we like to use, or are we making objective choices? Kevin King attempts to resolve the age old question: Which technology is best?

Rocket U2 talks about UniData 8.1

Rocket U2 has released UniData 8.1 with many new features and enhanced functionality. This release provides features such as true 64-bit Architecture, IPv6 integration, and Python integration. Charles interviews Vinnie Smith, Michael Byrne, John Zagnoli, Heather Smiles, and John Nunziato at Rocket Software to see how the release of UniData 8.1 provides enhanced value to UniData customers.

OAUTH 2 Login with MultiValue BASIC Overview

Consuming web services like Avalara Saletax within your MultiValue applications is easy, but many web services are starting to require OAUTH 2 login authentication. OAUTH 2 adds additional complexity, but implementation is much simpler than it seems when you read the documentation. This article will cover what is required to create an OAUTH 2 login process within your MultiValue applications.

Clif Notes: New Blood – Part2

In part one, Clif discussed some of what that could be done to attract new blood to the MultiValue Community. In part two, Clif discusses not only how to attach Millennials to MultiValue shops, but also how to keep them engaged and interested. Millennials look at IT and the Enterprise from a totally different perspective than previous generations. With that in mind, read about how Clif suggests changes to the IT departments to address these conflicting perspectives.