Mar/Apr 2016

A Specification Specification

We've all been exposed to project specs. Some barely cover the back of a napkin. Others could crush a small country. It's time to rethink our approach. Bennett talks about specifications, iterative collaboration, and the value of building a better umbrella.

Calls May Be Recorded for Quality Assurance: Using MultiValue to Manage Multimedia

Too often we think of databases as being just about the data stored in them. Sometimes the database is an index to things outside of it. Multimedia and MultiValue may not seem like a perfect pairing to most people, but when you have to develop a system to sift through thousands and thousands of calls recorded for quality assurance, a little database architecture can go a long way.

Data Replication

Unauthorized access to your data is a serious problem. However, blocking authorized people from seeing it is nearly as bad. They can't see it when the system is down or the data is corrupt. Backups are one solution. Data Replication is another.

Business Tech: 50 Shades of Interface

There's something standing between you and your data. And there should be. Classically, interfaces are thought of as access points, but a good interface is also a speed bump. We need to rethink connectivity.

Building a Modern Line-Of-Business Application:Part 2

There have been many new Line-Of-Business applications developed over the past several years. Most of these business software systems either address a missing piece of the overall or are just extensions of the existing monolithic applications that have been around for fifteen to twenty years. This is Part 2 of our article series which explores what it takes to build a Line-Of-Business application from scratch using the tools and features found in modern software technologies.