May/Jun 2009

International Spectrum Conference: 28 Successful Years of Solving Problems

28 years. Wow. That makes the International Spectrum Conference the longest running computer conference in the United States. Why? Because it helps its attendees find solutions to Real World problems. Check out what you missed if you didn’t attend.

Building Dashboards with the Google

Visualization API Whether or not you want to use the Google API as your end-point solution, it’s a free way to demonstrate the Dashboard concept to your boss/clients/users. A graphic is worth 1K words.

My Journey Inside of PDF Files: Inserting Metadata

PDF files — Almost everyone uses them. But most of us have no clue as to the details of that specialized format. Take the first step into learning the inner workings of PDF files.

Business Tech: Becoming a Software Vendor — Part 3

So many “Free” solutions; which to choose, and why? Developing an in-house system or a product? Again, the choices depend on the circumstances.

OpenInsight and .NET

OpenInsight incorportates support for Microsoft .NET. Explore the three options of how to tie into this technology.