May/Jun 2012

Business Tech: The Cost of Context Switching

A lot has been written about the subject of multitasking and context switching. Most of the articles against multitasking concentrate on a very narrow time definition of a task. This article takes a broader view.

Building RESTful Web Applications — Building a Website in Multivalue

This article about using widely available tools to build your website and using MultiValue to provide the data and the business logic presents a complete step-by-step example of using REST web services. OpenQM supplies the MultiValue data. All other tools are OpenSource.

Rolling Your Own Multivalue Web Connector: Part 3

This series has shown how easy it is to connect just about any MultiValue system to the web using a little bit of Basic, a little bit of PHP, and a single environment variable. Now that the basics have been covered, this final article in this series will tie up a few loose ends.

International Spectrum 2012 Conference Recap Interview

At the International Spectrum 2012 Conference, Nathan introduced a roundtable lunch panel with some of the regular Conference speakers. The attendees were invited to ask these panelists ad hoc questions, but as the moderator, Nathan didn’t get to express any of his views. So we put him on the spot to hear his answers to some of the questions asked of the panelists, plus find out more about the conference and International Spectrum’s plans.