May/Jun 2014

International Spectrum MultiValue User Conference 2014 Conference Recap

International Spectrum 2014 was a hit with new and existing developers.See what you missed at this year's four days of education, networking and fun. Look at what "Start-to-Finish" tracks were available to MultiValue developers and what the attendees had access to.

Marketing Basics for MultiValue: How to Market without a Marketing Background

Not all of us have Marketing Departments. If your marketing is do-it-yourself, you should be reading this to learn about all the latest marketing terms and what they mean to your business.

Unstructured Data: Using OCR to perfect Accounting Data Entry

Opticial Data Capture has moved from specialized uses into many Line of Business Applications (LOB) as primary input devices. While it is still largely overlooked, it can speed up data entry and accuracy in bookkeeping and accounting departments significantly.

Clif Notes: The Ice Cream is back!

Read Clif's point of view on the International Spectrum 2014 MultiValue Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. There was much to experience at this year’s conference, not just the return of the ice cream sundaes!