May/Jun 2015

International Spectrum 2015 MultiValue Conference Recap

International Spectrum 2015, West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was another great MultiValue Conference. If you didn't attend, this is your chance to find out what you missed during our four days of education, networking and fun. Read about our sessions, parties, and other networking events. Find out which were the most popular. And get the scoop on the 2016 conference.


For decades, MV BASIC has featured the CALL() statement, allowing for external subroutines invoked by mainline programs. Typically, one does this to share common code/ processing/algorithms, thus upholding the development principle of DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). However, such features often come with a performance penalty. How much of a performance penalty?

Roll Your Own (Highly Experimental) MultiValue Database Part 1

Chuck gets “geekish” in this article exploring the thought process required to make a database engine. Our MultiValue database vendors do this job so well and seamlessly that developers often forget what really is going on and how much they don’t have think about when working with their Line of Business applications. This is Part 1 of a series of articles walking us through the process for creating a database engine called “Lumpy.

Using Inner Recursion

Recursion is a painful topic for many programmers. This article shows you a more efficient way to approach data in unbalanced trees.

Clif Notes — New Blood Part 3

Clif wants us to stop “ducking.” He talks about how changing habits within your IT department can make all the difference in the world. This article explores some behavior patterns that make MultiValue databases look old and hard to work with. See his suggestions on some minor changes you can make in your IT department to make it more appealing to new developers.