May/Jun 2016

Spectrum 2016 Conference Recap

International Spectrum 2016: See what you missed at this year’s four days of education, networking and fun. There were several Start-to-Finish tracks available to MultiValue developers. That’s in addition to the hallway conversations, spur-of-the-moment consultations, and other interactions which make Spectrum a hit with the attendees.

Building a Modern Line-Of-Business Application – Part 3

Key Management The key to keys is the key to success. Creating record keys on-the-fly is common in software development, but a little planning can go a long way. This is part three of our article series exploring what it takes to build a Line-Of-Business application from scratch, using the tools and features found in modern software technologies.

Business Tech: Parametrics

Many of us are drowning in a sea of hundreds of programs. Parametrics allow us to severely reduce the total while still serving the same needs. If you believe that code is a mortgage on your soul read on.

Specialization Versus Agile Development or, How to create high-performance teams, and love the generalists that can save your tail

Once a shop has more than one programmer, the question of how to approach projects takes on a deeper dimension. As a solo artist, you have all the work, but also all the flexibility. Teams need at least a minimal structure. Agile has been touted as one of the best. Here's the counter-argument.