Nov/Dec 2009

MultiValue Everywhere – Using PHP to Connect U2 to the Web

Anything Everywhere! What does “Everywhere” mean? It can mean on desktops, on all servers in an enterprise, or it can mean accessible from everwhere, like from the Web. There are numerous ways to make MultiValue data accessible from the Web. This article explores one possibility.

End of Year Recap

2009 has been a challenging year with most companies and organizations striving to do more with less. Even given the difficult environment, many companies have been creating a number of successes. We asked some of our MultiValue partners to tell us about them.

Business Tech: Becoming a Software Vendor — Part 6

Want to become a Software Vendor? Have the Killer App? Having discussed packaging, presentation, support requirements, distribution channels, and the like, this final article brings it back to several of the key questions. It this right for you? Do you have what it takes to risk failure, and make it a success?

SMS : An Example of Push Technology

E-mail, Twitter, RSS. There are many ways to get the message to your customers and coworkers. One of the methods that will allow you reach over two billions users is to use SMS (Short Message Service) to send text messages to mobile phones.

Report Mining

Your user-base wants some information. You have it available. After all, there are a couple of reports that produce that data. But no. They want it in a different format, or downloadable as a spreadsheet. So we re-write the Query report as a MultiValue Basic export program, right? Not so fast! There may be other options.