Nov/Dec 2012

Zero-Defect MultiValue Applications

Is it possible to develop zero-defect MultiValue applications? MultiValue databases are renowned for their rapid application development (RAD) capabilities. Many applications by experts in their respective fields, but most were not skilled in software engineering. That is both the upside and downside of having an easy to use database facility that anyone can use.

Locking - Part 2 Traditional Locking

The first article of this series looked briefly at how UniVerse uses its lock table to ensure physical integrity of the database by blocking concurrent access to files at the group level. In this article we consider application locking as a means of ensuring logical integrity.

Business Tech: Perspective

In many cases our understanding of a situation is determined in large part by our perspective – our viewpoint of the issue. In in order to get a more complete picture, we need to make a conscious effort to understand the other person’s perspective. Knowing where they are “coming from” can often help us understand things in a completely different way.

2012 MultiValue Industry End-of-Year Recap

The year 2012 continued to provide us with a number of challenges — changing economic conditions (improvements and setbacks), changing technologies, and changing market demands. But within all times of change there also exist opportunities. We asked some of our MultiValue partners to share with us some of their accomplishments from this last year and what to look for in the next.