Nov/Dec 2015

Wait! Backup!

Kevin’s impatience is our gain. Hew gives an insight into his backup strategy, which is based on minimizing the wait and minimizing the risk.

OAUTH 2 Login with MultiValue BASIC Part 2

Consuming some web services within your MultiValue applications can be easy, but many web services are starting to require OAUTH 2 Login authentication. OAUTH 2 adds an additional complexity but, with a few explanations, it becomes much simpler than the documentation makes it look. This article will talk about what is required to create an OAUTH 2 Login process within your MultiValue application.

MultiValue Industry End-of-year Recap

The year 2015 continued to provide us with changing technologies and changing market demands. But the economic landscape seemed to improve somewhat. The demand for mobile access to data continued to increase. We asked some of our MultiValue partners to share with us some of their accomplishments from this last year and what to look for in the next.

Data Encryption at Rest

There have been too many headlines about identity theft. If you handle personal data, you need to understand the options available to protect it. Data Encryption is a key component to any modern solution.

Business Tech: You Could be an Ostrich Farmer!

Charles Barouch pulls his head out of the sand and goes looking for the secrets that his co-workers and friends know. It leads to a few unexpected places.