Sep/Oct 2009

Preparing Your App for the iPhone

In the two years since its introduction, the iPhone and its browser Safari have driven mobile browsing into the mainstream. Explore the capabilities and limitations of this market-leading platform.

Is PHP in Your Future?

We love the ease of use of our MultiValue Basic. Unfortunately, most implementations fall short of the tools needed to handle the Web. Easy to use and deploy, PHP might be your answer.

IDEs and Editors: AccuTerm’s WED

Many people are aware of AccuTerm as a terminal emulator popular in the MultiValue world, but did you know it also includes a MultiValue Basic Editor? We talk with Pete Schellenbach, president of AccuSoft Enterprises, about its capabilities and history.

Best Practices vs YOUR Business Practices

Best Practices are a hot topic in many industries, and many companies rush to implement them. But who defines Best Practices? Are they really “best” for you?

Business Tech: Becoming a Software Vendor - Part 5

Your software is ready. Your documentation complete. Your support structure is in place. So, how much should you charge for your product?

My Journey Inside of PDF Files: Converting Text Print Files to PDF Files – Part 2

The second part of this two-part series provides more details about some of the objects overviewed in part one. Help save a tree. Learn more about converting those text reports into PDF files for electronic storage and sending by e-mail.

Are You Connected?

Connecting with other professionals online has been done by participating in e-mail lists, forums, and news groups. Now we have options like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Are there benefits in using the new Social Media, or are they just another time demand? Examine the issue and find out how get value from these new ways of connecting.