Sep/Oct 2010

Data Security: Have You Considered It?

Data security is no longer optional. Stealing data is big business. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost daily, organizations reputations destroyed, and individuals’ lives thrown into chaos due to data breaches. Explore the various aspects of this most important topic and see if there are some issues you might have overlooked.

Silverlight-enable Your MultiValue Database Applications

Most people who use the Internet are aware of Microsoft’s Silverlight browser plug-in. Much more than just another way to watch online movies, Silverllight provides a platform within which large portions of applications can be developed. Find out more about this latest web architecture and how and mv.NET enables you to tie it in to your MultiValue data.

Pavuk Internet Development Framework v2.0: Part 1 — Introduction

In order to survive and thrive in the modern information processing world, MultiValue applications need to put on a new GUI face as quickly as possible. Pavuk Internet Development Framework is a browser-based tool in this effort. Discover how it approaches the problem in this introduction.

Extending OpenInsight’s O4W Web Development Tookit With jQuery Plug-ins

The new O4W web development toolkit included in OpenInsight 9.2 generates dynamic output using JavaScript, HTML, and Ajax and is based on an open-source library called jQuery. The jQuery library has hundreds of plug-ins available to help you create web pages that really sizzle. Find out how to make these available to O4W.

Business Tech: Print Media . Part 2

Generating content (at least quality content) for print media hasn’t changed much over the years. You still need people to write it, edit it, lay it out, etc. But today there are a number of tools which not only allow one person to assume more than one of these roles, but the format of the final product is also changing. See why “print” doesn’t mean just print anymore.