Sep/Oct 2013

Business Tech: Developing for Google Glass, Part I

You have revamped your MultiValue applications by replacing the old green screens with robust GUI interfaces, made your applications web-accessible, shared your data through web services and other technologies, and gone mobile with smart phones and tablets. Well, get ready. Here comes the next wave — wearable technology. In this new series, Charles Barouch, a very experienced MultiValue Developer, will chronicle his story of what it takes to incorporate the new Google Glass device with a MultiValue Inventory application.

Automated Testing Part 4: Legacy Code

Wearable Tech: Going beyond Eyewear

At the moment, when most people hear the term “wearable technology,” they think of Google Glass. But as this interview with Mike Holmlund of Plantronics demonstrates, wearable technology is already a well-established arena. He shares with us some of the things that Plantronics has done and some things that are currently under development, along with telling us how developers can dive in and explore the use of these capabilities on their own.

Unstructured Data

In the world of data storage and retrieval, life used to be simple. You had elements of data. Data had various types. Data elements went in columns in a table. And those of us in MultiValue had it even easier because we weren’t even bound by those rules. But now we have to deal with unstructured data — email, social media posts, videos, etc. This article explores some of the issues that will cause even a MultiValue Developer to react, “Oh, my…”