Sep/Oct 2014

Understanding Semantic Web – Experts Q&A

David Amerland talks to us about moving the focus from data to definitions. He'll give us a better understanding of how the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) relates to our existing business data and systems. While he brings an Outside-of-MultiValue view, we also get a perspective from our MultiValue experts about designs and technologies that can be used with the Semantic Web.

UniVerse and UniData Hashed Files – Part 2

In part two of this series, Peggy and Jeff will guide us to a better understanding of the hashing mechanism, from modulo and separation, all the way to overflow and resizing.

Business Tech – Computer Memory…the Other Kind

Sometimes we need to take a fresh look at what we do. While our ground-level perspective is superior for detail, we need to pull back a few thousand feet to really see how things connect. This installment of Business Tech asks the deceptively simple question “Is your data complete?”

What Should I Learn Next? - JavaScript and Python

Rocket has picked Python as an important alternative to BASIC. Find out what Python brings to the table, and see why you might be adding ‘Python Programmer’ to your resume.