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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Conference Schedule

Phoenix 2019 - April 8th-11th
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  • U2 DataVu Query - Free Download

    (Wednesday, December 15, 2010) - U2 DataVu Query is a free download that provides fully functioning capabilities to graphically build queries against U2 Data Sources.


  • MultiValue UserGroup Meetings

    (Thursday, November 1, 2018) - SAPUG - Seattle Area Pick User Group - Date: TBD | TEXMUG North - Texas MultiValue User Group - Date: TBD | CMUG - Colorado MultiValue Users Group - Date: TBD | SoCalRUG - Southern Calif Revelation UserGroup - Date: TBD


  • Announcing SB/XA V6.0.4

    (Wednesday, December 15, 2010) - This release includes SB/XA theme documentation with XAML examples showing how we styled SB/XA so you can see what you need to style your applications in the new presentation components.


  • International Spectrum Florida 2011 Conference

    (Tuesday, May 25, 2010) - International Spectrum Conference and Exhibition Attend the Premier MultiValue User Event April 4th-7th Benefits International Spectrum makes a special effort to bring together the tools you need to make sure you and your MultiValue (UniVerse, UniData, D3, jBASE, OpenInsight, Reality, OpenQM, MVON#) Enterprise stay on the competitive edge. Whether you are an end user, a vendor, or an independent consultant, you get to talk to MultiValue experts and see the latest products, tools, software releases, and general corporate updates from the vendors and database providers.


  • MultiValue Jobs Available

    (Thursday, November 1, 2018) - Pick Data Warehouse Programming Specialist-PA | Sr PICK Developer - NJ | Consultant-NJ | Software Application Developer - Chicago | Unidata/PICK Developer - TX | PICK Programmer-LA


  • BlueFinity International Brings mv.NET to USA MultiValue User Groups

    (Wednesday, January 5, 2011) - David Cooper, Chief Architect at BlueFinity International, will present at a series of MultiValue user groups across the USA.


  • Tech Tip!

    (Monday, January 1, 0001) - Suppose your data has a series of attributes that correspond to lines on an order, or lines on a call log, or maybe lines on a time sheet. You want to display the line number beside the other data.


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