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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Conference Schedule

Phoenix 2019 - April 8th-11th
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  • Entrinsik Launches Informer Dashboards With Web-based, Interactive Data Visualization

    (Sunday, July 1, 2012) - Entrinsik has announced the general release of Informer Dashboards. With a powerful 100% Java-driven architecture and browser-based interface, Informer Dashboards allow organizations to visualize real-time data from multiple sources on one screen to quickly identify actionable information and key trends.


  • MultiValue UserGroup Meetings

    (Monday, October 15, 2018) - SAPUG - Seattle Area Pick User Group - Date: TBD | TEXMUG North - Texas MultiValue User Group - Date: TBD | CMUG - Colorado MultiValue Users Group - Date: TBD | SoCalRUG - Southern Calif Revelation UserGroup - Date: TBD


  • Now Available: Release 3.1-Kourier Integrator

    (Sunday, July 1, 2012) - The most significant features in this release are support for RESTful Web Services and the Developer Suitcase Utilities. The Developer Suitcase workbenches streamline and simplify the process of distributing ETL components between accounts and other servers.


  • MultiValue Goes Mobile with BlueFinity's mv.NET

    (Sunday, July 1, 2012) - BlueFinity International has extended its reach to enable applications running on any flavor of MultiValue database to be deployed across any of the wide range of today's interface devices - tablets, handhelds, phones and other mobile devices.


  • MultiValue Jobs Available

    (Monday, October 15, 2018) - Pick Data Warehouse Programming Specialist-PA | Sr PICK Developer - NJ | Consultant-NJ | Software Application Developer - Chicago | Unidata/PICK Developer - TX | PICK Programmer-LA


  • Robert Norman and Associates are providing new services.

    (Sunday, July 1, 2012) - ROBERT NORMAN AND ASSOCIATES is now providing computer programming services for additional platforms and languages.


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