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QM and VFS


I had a chance last month to look at an aspect of the QM platform that I had not used before: The VFS or Virtual File System.

The background to this was an interesting request from a client to look into various options for integrating their application with SQL Server. Not just as a reporting base or data warehouse, which is bread and butter stuff, but to host their live data in SQL Server and have their application make use of it for transactional purposes. Having pointed out the obvious risks and performance issues to be expected by going that route — given that they have a very large, complex, mature and hard working UniVerse application managing huge numbers of complicated transactions and talking to numerous upstream and downstream systems — and the fact that a MultiValue application is designed in a fundamentally different way to an SQL one — I duly set out to assess the current state of various technologies that might allow this.

The actual findings are commercially sensitive. I'm not going to reproduce those here. Nor am I going to list out all the various options that I put before them, or recommend one option over another. The goal was to lay out alternatives so the client could decide which ones would merit further consideration.


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