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Augmented Reality in Business


As some of you know, I've been tracking the changes in AR (Augmented Reality) pretty closely. I've even been experimenting with it some, looking for those business cases that would explain why, when, and how it should be used.

For obvious reasons, AR games are being used to demonstrate this technology. Games are visual, and being able to play in a digital fantasy world is really cool! Because you're seeing it first in games, and not in business applications, it can obscure the other value propositions offered by AR.

Before we get in too deep, we should address a bit of a misconception: AR is not VR (Virtual Reality). There is a distinct difference between the two technologies, even if they seem similar. AR offers users graphical enhancements to their real, physical environment, rather than creating an entirely new environment.

VR is designed to replace what you are seeing with a completely new world. This is what Samsung shows in the commercials for the preview of the very popular television series 24. This what Oculus Rift offers when you explore the galaxy using their headset.


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