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  • Serious Data Compression for Network Transport in MultiValue Systems

    With the cost of disk space continuing to fall, does anybody except the very largest shops worry about the cost of data storage anymore? Maybe yes, maybe no. It still depends on the circumstances. But although network bandwidth continues to increase, there is still a price to be paid — not just in gigabytes transmitted but also in things like the hidden cost of lost productivity due to network congestion. This article suggests some data compression options, and it includes ready-to-run source code in MultiValue Basic.


  • UniVerse and UniData Hashed Files: Part 1

    The MultiValue Database and its descendants are noted for their flexibility in handling of data. This is a radical departure from traditional, fixed-length data records found in other SQL databases, and provides a very attractive environment for business applications. This flexible structure places demands on the underlying data storage mechanisms. To meet these demands, MultiValue databases use a hashed file structure. This series of articles will examine in depth the specifics of hashed files as implemented in the UniVerse and UniData environments.


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