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  • 7 Must-Haves for every (ERP) Enterprise Application

    ERP applications are made to serve a specific purpose — running your business. People use them every day, and their value lies in the depth of service they provide your business. But if your ERP system does not have these seven "musthave" capabilities, its stands a good chance of failing to live up to the requirements necessary for it to be the main hub of your business.


  • Extending Your MultiValue ERP with Web Services: Thinking Outside the Box

    Most companies have ERP needs that are unique to their particular business. When a "standard" ERP package does not fit well with accepted industry practices or company business processes, you seem to have two choices — customize and enhance the software or change the way that you do business to match the package. The first can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The second can force you into doing things in a way that actually complicates your workflow and raises expenses. It may even hurt your competitive advantages. Find out how this company stepped "outside the box" and solved one of their ERP needs with inexpensive equipment, internal developers, and open source software.


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