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  • Indexes and System Migrations

    When migrating a MultiValue application from one platform to another, especially from an older legacy platform to one that is more modern, the major goals are to simply get it done, get it working, and get it working correctly. Too often, however, we forget that the new platform may provide capabilities that can give us a dramatic improvement in the performance of our application. Replacing or supplementing application-based cross-referencing with system-supplied indexing is one of those areas to be considered.


  • Replacing Legacy Reporting with U2 DataVu

    Dull, monospaced type, text-only reports usually provide the necessary information and get the job done. But just like the antiquated green screen programs, the appearance of these reports invokes a negative reaction from both users and management, creating an impression of obsolescence in an otherwise robust application. UniVerse and UniData users have a number of options for modernizing these reports, one of the newest of which comes from their database supplier, Rocket Software.


  • Useful Tips on Migrating from Legacy PICK

    Useful Tips on Migrating from Legacy PICK Your system sends up certain red flags when its performance has degraded. These signals might include missing your maintenance windows, users complaining about slow system response times, or unreasonably high system maintenance fees. Perhaps your customers are saying the application needs modernization, but the programming backlog is six months and growing. How do you solve these problems? Replace your legacy PICK system!


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