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On-Demand Video

  • D3 ODBC Server Setup - On-Demand

    Video explaining how to mapping D3 files and data to support ODBC access. Talks about which ODBC API and SQL Grammar is supported, and how to map ODBC/SQL datatypes to MultiValue dictionaries and MultiValue associations.


  • D3 Triggers Overview-Video

    This Video will show you how to create a file Trigger in D3. You can use triggers for debugging and audit checking, enforce specific business rules, or data cleansing.


  • Introduction to Paragraphs - Video

    Paragraph is a simple command found in the Master Dictionary or VOC that combine a series of TCL command together. Paragraphs provide a simple macro language that provides you the ability to add loops, input prompts, as well as simple branching.


  • Setup SSL Encryption for UniObjects

    This video provides you a step by step directions to implement the SSL Encryption for UniObjects.NET and UniObjects JAVA. The instructions take you through how to create and implement using Self-Signed Certificates that will cause a 1028Bit or larger encryption between the client PC and the UniVerse or UniData Server.


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