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Google Glass

  • Business Tech: Developing for Google Glass, Part 1

    You have revamped your MultiValue applications by replacing the old green screens with robust GUI interfaces, made your applications web-accessible, shared your data through web services and other technologies, and gone mobile with smart phones and tablets. Well, get ready. Here comes the next wave — wearable technology. In this new series, Charles Barouch, a very experienced MultiValue Developer, will chronicle his story of what it takes to incorporate the new Google Glass device with a MultiValue Inventory application.


  • Developing for Google Glass Part 2

    In the first article in this series, the author attempted to create an inventory application using Google Glass. Unfortunately, the first approach was a Glassonly attempt. That didn't work out quite as planned. This article talks about the author's second attempt, which is to combine Google Glass with an Android-based app, also having a MultiValue database on the backend. The saga continues.


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