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Business Tech

  • Business Tech - Computer Memory…the Other Kind

    Sometimes we need to take a fresh look at what we do. While our ground-level perspective is superior for detail, we need to pull back a few thousand feet to really see how things connect. This installment of Business Tech asks the deceptively simple question "Is your data complete?"


  • Business Tech - Talking the Talk

    Writing for Spectrum has taught me a great deal about effective communication. Whether you are hunting for a job or already set with employment, your command of words is likely to be your most crucial non-technical skill.


  • Business Tech : Print Media (Part 3)

    Print media's everincreasing use of electronic means of publication is making a major impact on the business model of publishing. Lower production and delivery costs, increased channels and fewer barriers to getting published, and the promise of a richer user experience as we move away from purely static print to more interactive forms are all benefits resulting from the shift. It is not, however, without it's problems. For example, how can content producers get paid enough to make a living, and how do they avoid getting ripped off?


  • Business Tech : Print Media - Part 2

    Generating content (at least quality content) for print media hasn't changed much over the years. You still need people to write it, edit it, lay it out, etc. But today there are a number of tools which not only allow one person to assume more than one of these roles, but the format of the final product is also changing. See why "print" doesn't mean just print anymore.


  • Business Tech: 50 Shades of Interface

    There's something standing between you and your data. And there should be. Classically, interfaces are thought of as access points, but a good interface is also a speed bump. We need to rethink connectivity.


  • Business Tech: AI and DSS (Part I)

    Logic is supposed to be a computer's forte but only certain kinds of logic. Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems are two approaches to expanding what a computer can evaluate. This is the beginning of a medium-deep dive on those topics.


  • Business Tech: AI and DSS: Part II

    SQL is designed for a specific type of optimization. MultiValue is designed for thingedness. Charles explains this odd term and gives some insight into the cultural differences between these two approaches.


  • Business Tech: Alternate Financial Arraignments

    As they say, it takes money to make money. But finding funding for a startup or the expansion of an existing business comes with a variety of reporting and scheduling issues. Most IT professionals do not think of themselves as being involved in funding efforts, but we have a lot more impact — both positive or negative — than we may realize.


  • Business Tech: Case Study

    We technical folks tend to look at businesses and immediately start thinking about what technology it could use. Many times, however, we would benefit by first stepping back and learning about the business model. This real-world case study explores how that can work..


  • Business Tech: Corporate Caveman Concussion

    Igrocni the caveman sees you materialize, in whatever you are wearing right now, and hits you in the head with a rock. When you understand why he hit you, you'll have some insight into how the rest of your company sees your department.


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