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Data Security

  • Data Security, have you considered it?

    Data Security: Have You Considered It? Data security is no longer optional. Stealing data is big business. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost daily, organizations reputations destroyed, and individuals' lives thrown into chaos due to data breaches. Explore the various aspects of this most important topic and see if there are some issues you might have overlooked.


  • First Steps to Securing Your Information in the Internet Age

    While computer and data security is a large and complex subject, it is disconcerting how many MultiValue systems do not even take the most fundamental precautions to protect user data from unauthorized access. Just a couple of straightforward techniques can prevent that kid on the coffee shop WiFi from stealing your access codes and walking through your system at will.


  • Setup SSL Encryption for UniObjects

    This video provides you a step by step directions to implement the SSL Encryption for UniObjects.NET and UniObjects JAVA. The instructions take you through how to create and implement using Self-Signed Certificates that will cause a 1028Bit or larger encryption between the client PC and the UniVerse or UniData Server.


  • Setup Telnet-SSL in U2 Databases

    U2 Databases come with telnet daemons that allow you to implement SSL encryption of your telnet applications. Once this is setup, you can use a client that supports Telnet-SSL between your Client and U2 Server without having to implement SSH.


  • The Trial of Telnet

    For almost 30 years, Telnet has been the primary way that users log into and access their MultiValue applications and data. It has been a good workhorse, but as with most tools, there comes a time when what has worked well for many years no longer meets the modern requirements of security and reliability. Is it time to retire telnet? If so, where do we go from here?


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