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Internet Security

  • First Steps to Securing Your Information in the Internet Age

    While computer and data security is a large and complex subject, it is disconcerting how many MultiValue systems do not even take the most fundamental precautions to protect user data from unauthorized access. Just a couple of straightforward techniques can prevent that kid on the coffee shop WiFi from stealing your access codes and walking through your system at will.


  • Setup SSL Encryption for UniObjects

    This video provides you a step by step directions to implement the SSL Encryption for UniObjects.NET and UniObjects JAVA. The instructions take you through how to create and implement using Self-Signed Certificates that will cause a 1028Bit or larger encryption between the client PC and the UniVerse or UniData Server.


  • Setup Telnet-SSL in U2 Databases

    U2 Databases come with telnet daemons that allow you to implement SSL encryption of your telnet applications. Once this is setup, you can use a client that supports Telnet-SSL between your Client and U2 Server without having to implement SSH.


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